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In-House Custodian Labor Report


The In-House Frontline Labor Report provides insight into the best places for finding custodians. However, finding people is just step one. Departments can't afford to hire a "warm body." They need to use effective screening processes to weed out bad candidates. With this data, cleaning managers can compare their current efforts to the rest of the industry.

For many janitors, starting pay is a critical deciding factor when looking for a job and departments will need to be competitive with wages and salaries to attract potential candidates. This report provides a national average for janitor starting wages, as well as averages broken down by U.S. geographical regions and different facility types. The same information is provided for starting salaries of janitorial supervisors.

Once managers have successfully hired a new janitor, they need to figure out how to keep him or her and avoid repeating the cycle. This report examines successful retention strategies that managers can use to entice team members to stick around long-term.

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