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What Do New Facility Managers Want In A Job?

Recent graduates share the key attributes that organizations can use to attract employees.

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As an increasing number of executives age out of the workforce, facilities management departments are tasked with recruiting new talent to replace these seasoned employees. But enticing new hires can be challenging for facilities managers who must often vie for attention in a crowded field.

Indeed, attracting job candidates to facilities management positions takes more than a competitive salary. Today's applicants are choosy about their prospective employers' company culture and work environment: Many favor organizations that foster growth, encourage individuality and promote social interactions.

When Khadija Qurbanzada graduated from the facilities management program at Temple University in Philadelphia, she had a clear vision of the type of company she wanted to work for.

"Having a culture that welcomes open-mindedness and allows people to speak their mind gives any facilities management company the cutting edge," says Qurbanzada, who is currently a facilities manager on the GlaxoSmithKline account at CBRE. "The industry is changing, and there are more women in the workplace, so companies have to be willing to try new things."

Welcoming diversity

Organizations that support diversity, equity and inclusion are high on the list of desirable workplaces for applicants seeking facilities management positions. Toward this end, programs that promote teamwork and increase employees' cultural awareness are a plus when recruiting new hires, regardless of their background.

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