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The FM’s Guide to Facility Credentials

Earning a credential can increase your earning power and kickstart your career. Here is how to sort through the alphabet soup of facility credentials to find what’s best for you.

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In a world that increasingly demands professionalization, facility managers — like all others — are being called upon to produce their bona fides. Credentials are differentiators signaling to others in the industry that an FM has expertise as well as initiative. But credentials are more than cachet: The training behind them is invaluable to helping facility professionals become experts across a wide spectrum of competencies.

“In the next ten years, credentials may be something that’s a standard requirement when you are hiring someone for a facility management position, particularly at the upper levels,” says Stormy Friday, president of The Friday Group. In addition to augmenting a facility professional’s knowledge and skills, a credential assures people that a facility professional is keeping up with their profession, says Friday. Moreover, statistics show that people with credentials have the opportunity to earn between $3,000 and $5,000 more per year in salary simply by having a credential. “A credential allows you to demand more money and probably get it,” notes Friday.

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