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Influencing the C-Suite

Learn how to promote the value of the facility department in this panel discussion with our Facility Influencers from NFMT Baltimore

It's critical that facility managers are not passive participants in organizational strategy discussions, but proactive in showcasing the critical role of facilities management. Facility managers should continuously demonstrate how facilities projects and improvements directly contribute to the organization's success and operational efficiency.

This session from NFMT Baltimore features a panel discussion with some of Building Operating Management's Facility Influencers. These consultants are leading voices in the industry today. Panelists include:

Clarence Carson, President, CCRS Group

John Rimer, President, FM360

Charles Thomas, Facility Operations Consultant, LACE Management

A major theme from the discussion was the strategic importance of having a clear vision and mission for the facility management department that aligns with the organization's overall goals. This clarity helps when advocating for resources and when setting the direction for the implementation of new practices.

Investment in professional development, like attending conferences, is crucial not only for the individual but also for the broader team and should be a continuous part of the budget.

Some practical ways facility managers can gain more visibility and influence within their organizations include developing a list of specific solutions to explore that directly align with the department's strategic vision. This method ensures that any new initiatives or tools explored when at conferences can be integrated into the long-term goals of the department.

The discussion also touched on the importance of continuing relationships with consultants and industry peers post-conference. This network can provide ongoing support and answer questions that may arise during the implementation of new technologies or practices.

To further highlight the facility department's value, it's important to develop mission and vision statements that mirror the organization's own statements. In addition, any way that the facility team can work with other departments to promote their efforts — whether that's in a company newsletter, via social media or other method — can make a lasting impact.

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