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Hybrid Workplace: Liabilities and Life Safety Issues When Employees Work from Home

Watch this session from the NFMT Remix conference that took place in November 2022 in Las Vegas

The COVID-19 pandemic ramped up the use of the Hybrid Workforce: employees working from home simultaneous with those working at the office. As a result, the Hybrid Workforce multiplies the threats, liabilities and legal exposure for all employers regarding the Life Safety of all its employees.

Employers have the sole duty of care for employee Life Safety for both Work from Home and Work at Office situations. Under federal law, the employee has no duty of care for their own Life Safety. Thus, the Hybrid Workforce doubles the employer's legal exposure regarding employee injury and death.

OSHA, NFPA and all 50 state Fire Codes require all employers to plan for all emergencies and to train all their employees whether they Work from Home or Work at Office.

This presentation uses workplace violence as an example of Life Safety issues in the new world of a Hybrid Workplace.

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