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How to Handle a Notice of Violation from the Fire Inspector and Authority Having Jurisdiction

Watch this session from the NFMT Remix conference that took place in November 2022 in Las Vegas

This presentation, given by Terin Hopkins, public fire protection specialist for the National Fire Sprinkler Association, is centered around a better understanding of fire code enforcement of fire protection systems. The participants received an overview of who the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ's) is and where their enforcement authority comes from. Knowing this will help owners identify their responsibilities, liabilities, and which codes and standards they must comply with to make their building safe.

The presentation also explains who uses these codes and how they are used, along with the owner responsibilities, the role of a contractor and the AHJ. Hopkins covers common violations found during inspections and how to avoid common pitfalls when managing buildings.

The program concludes with an overview of dealing with an abating notice of violation. Not all violations are the same and must be addressed accordingly. The presentation is designed to help owners and facility managers navigate priorities and help understand the enforcement process.

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