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From Design to Construction: Successful Transitions to Sustainable Operations

Watch this session from the 2023 NFMT conference that took place in Baltimore

While facility management is making strides in getting invited to participate more and more on the front-end of construction projects, there is still a wide gap between design and construction and the hand-off to facility operations.

The fumbling of this transition is very costly to the organization and has significant consequences on efficient operations and occupant satisfaction. We spend too much time and money cleaning up issues that should have addressed prior to construction and acceptance.

There is much we can and should do by partnering with our design and construction colleagues to implement reasonable standards and practices that benefit all stakeholders.

In this educational session, John Rimer of FM360 Consulting — and frequent fnPrime contributor — discusses practical solutions that will aid in this transition to operations and pave the way for successful hand-offs and on-going operations.

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