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FM Survival Guide for the Return-to-Office in a Hybrid World

Learn how to promote the office as a place for collaboration, connection, and productivity in this NFMT Baltimore session

This presentation with Andy Yeh, principal for FOX Architects and Jennifer Treter, principal for Hendrick, discusses a brief history of the office and the evolving work styles that have emerged in the post-pandemic era. Yeh and Treter highlight the challenges and opportunities for organizations as they navigate this new workplace landscape.

Before the pandemic, understanding operational requirements was relatively straightforward, with primarily full-time and part-time employees occupying desks. However, the current workplace presents a diverse array of occupants, with each one requiring unique needs and preferences regarding remote work, office presence, and collaboration.

Data collection, including utilization rates, scheduling patterns, and technology usage, is crucial for informing decision-making and optimizing facility management. Collaboration tools, amenities, and training programs are essential in enhancing the workplace experience and supporting remote and hybrid work models.

The value of the office has shifted from a symbol of organizational success to a space for collaboration, connection, and productivity. Now with hybrid work, organizations must adapt policies and values to accommodate diverse work styles and preferences.

Change will be gradual, requiring flexibility, patience, and continuous adaptation to meet evolving employee needs and organizational goals. Ultimately, creating a positive and inclusive workplace experience involves collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to supporting employees whether they work from home, in the office, or a mixture of both.

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