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Develop FM Leadership and Supervision Skills

Learn how to best manage different employee types in this session from NFMT Baltimore

In this presentation, Andy Gager, CEO of AMG International Consulting and columnist for Facility Maintenance Decisions, discusses the intricacies of supervision. Leadership approaches should be tailored based on the needs of the individual team members.

There are four types of employees: superstars, consistent performers, those with potential, and underperformers. Supervisors need to acknowledge and reward the efforts of top performers, particularly in crisis situations. However, it's a common misconception that money is a primary motivator; it merely stimulates rather than motivates individuals.

Also, supervisors and managers typically rely on top performers during critical equipment failures, so again, it's important to recognize their contributions.

But top performers can't do it alone. Success is not solely determined by individual ability but rather by the success of the team. Facility managers must surround themselves with the right people, or more specifically, having the right people in the right positions at the right time.

Having a strong company culture can help ensure the right people are in place. Key factors to culture include caring for one another and leadership presence.

A good leader will be able to direct and delegate employees, which takes clear communication and follow-up to ensure tasks are carried out effectively. Good leaders also are able to effectively discipline employees, which can mean firing those who are underperforming.

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