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Deferred Maintenance: How to Get Funding for Overdue Projects

Discover the crucial role of a proactive approach in addressing deferred maintenance challenges head-on

Watch Andy Gager, CEO of AMG International Consulting, in a special webcast, "Deferred Maintenance: How to Get Funding for Overdue Projects."

The event consists of two parts: a short presentation on deferred maintenance followed by a fireside chat with Senior Editor Dan Hounsell to discuss securing funding.

The reasons for deferred maintenance are multifaceted, including budget constraints, aging infrastructure, lack of planning, operational pressures, staffing shortages, and unforeseen emergencies.

In his presentation, Gager emphasizes the importance of addressing maintenance needs promptly versus postponing them, highlighting the potential consequences of neglecting maintenance activities.

Deferred maintenance contributes to a growing backlog of maintenance work, which can lead to resource shortages and a perpetual cycle of neglect. Proper management of backlog involves balancing resources with workload, ensuring sufficient capacity to address maintenance needs effectively.

In order to get accurate funding for maintenance needs, facility managers need to get the C-suite to understand the true cost of maintenance. Conducting thorough asset assessments and maintaining accurate records can help inform budgeting and prioritization decisions.

During the second half of the presentation, Gager sits down for a virtual fireside chat with Dan Hounsell, to discuss the big buzzword: money.

The discussion centers around gaining management buy-in and ensuring continual successful funding initiatives through business cases, data, and worst-case scenarios. Specific examples are shared.

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