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Benchmark Energy Usage with Building Performance Standards

Building Performance Standards are the latest way to improve energy efficiency. Watch the discussion

Building Performance Standards are the latest energy efficiency trends in the United States. Building Performance Standards measure the carbon footprint of the building by looking at the electrical and gas usage and are designed to reduce a building's carbon emissions by improving energy, gas and water usages, and peak demand. These standards’ requirements become stricter over time and are designed to drive continuous, long-term improvement.

In order to get facilities to comply, cities and states have been passing legislation requiring Building Performance Standards. If your city doesn't have these requirements yet, it's likely only a matter of time before your area adopts one.

To help sort through this new trend, we invited David Borchardt, P.E., Senior Mechanical Engineer, and Jared Lyles, Energy Engineer, of MD Energy Advisors, to explain Building Performance Standards and answer questions from facility managers. Watch the discussion.

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