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Biggest Facility Management Challenges of 2022

From hybrid workplaces to staff shortages, three industry experts discuss the obstacles managers will face this year

2021 was another challenging year for facility managers. What will 2022 have in store for FMs? Three facility management industry experts share their perspectives on the challenges facing facility managers and their teams in 2022, including hybrid workplaces, staff shortages and finding the right types of workers for the job.

Hear from:

  • Eileen McMorrow, Founder and Editor of The McMorrow Reports
  • Keith Tate, Facilities Management Director for Polk County BoCC
  • Ericka Westgard, Vice President of Operations for C&W Services

Here’s a preview:

In the next year what's going to continue is that the “return to work.” “return to office” and “return to wherever business happens,” is still going to be the issue that managers are most under pressure with. The hard work of kind of getting the workplace ready is done. I mean companies have made decisions about whether they want to remove some furniture or if they want to add in more ventilation or if they want to change where people work.

Hybrid in many cases has already been decided. Now it's down to which employees are coming in two days, which employees are coming in three days, and who's going to try to be a five day a week. So facilities people have come to grips with a lot of the those types of changes. What's going to happen now is how hybrid working is going to impact the facility daily and now facilities people are going to need more staff members to manage all that.

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