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How to Improve IAQ With Effective Air Filtration

Learn the 3 things needed for healthy indoor air, understand the difference in air filters, and upgrade filtration in 5 steps

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in our built environments has come under high-level scrutiny due to the two dramatic and concurrent situations that held our attention last year. The SARS-Co-V2 pandemic spread around the world, while a series of apocalyptic wildfires seriously degraded air quality in many regions.

There is now a renewed interest in ways that HVAC systems can be utilized in the fight against infectious disease spread and toxic air. In both situations, the air we breathe became contaminated with particulates that seriously harmed the health of the occupants. Building owners and facilities managers are now looking for solutions that will help keep their occupants healthy and comfortable.

This ebook will focus almost entirely on existing strategies that use fibrous media filtration methods. This type of filtration has proven to be a very reliable and cost-effective way to clean up and improve our IAQ. There are numerous types of HVAC filters available, with the most popular being disposable slide-in filters in a variety of efficiencies depending on the type and size of particulates to be captured.

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