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Mold: An Action Plan for Buildings

Brought to the market by Building Operating Management magazine and presented by Taylor Gonsoulin, General Manager Air Quality Sciences, Inc. Building Consulting Group.

Mr. Gonsoulin, an expert in building diagnostics and moisture instruction, leads the Building Consulting Practice of Air Quality Sciences (AQS), headquartered in Atlanta. AQS consulting practice spans the globe, focusing specially on indoor air quality issues, including building commissioning; forensic investigations; due diligence surveys of commercial, educational, and retail buildings; assessment and mitigation of IAQ problems, including microbiological, chemical and other airborne contaminants; assessment of mold damaged buildings including human exposure assessments and development of mold remediation plans.

This presentation will address legal issues as well as focus on advice for discovering:

Fast Facts

When: Wednesday, October 25

11:00 a.m. Eastern Time

Cost: Live Web Seminar - $295

Seminar CD ROM (available post-Webinar) - $395

With an increasing public awareness of the affects of indoor mold growth, you can’t afford to miss this online event.