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3M™ Window Film Banks Major Savings for Fifth Third Center

Building managers see project payback in less than one year

The Fifth Third Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, became a repeat 3M™ Window Film customer. When the building manager decided it was time to update the film on the 32-story facility after two decades of successful energy conservation, both the technology provider and the installer were obvious choices. Local 3M window film dealer and installer Solar Tint returned to the facility 20 years after the first installation to help the Fifth Third team enhance its energy efficiency measures with 3M™ Sun Control Window Film Neutral 20. With a payback period of less than one year and more than $100,000 in energy savings in the first year, it is clear that 3M’s window films provide results facility managers can take to the bank.


Fifth Third Center

Fifth Third Center is a 32-story skyscraper in Cincinnati, Ohio, which serves as the corporate headquarters for Fifth Third Bank. Built in 1970, the building is the fifth tallest in the city’s skyline. Facility managers first incorporated 3M™ P19 Scotchtint™ window film on the Fifth Third Center in 1987 with installation services provided by Fairfield, Ohio-based Solar Tint. In 2000, the building manager decided to update the facility’s window film to further reduce energy bills and increase tenants’ comfort through heat mitigation.


The numerous windows on the facade of this imposing structure enhanced the striking architecture of the skyscraper. But the glass also allowed the sunlight and heat to stream through into the office space. The challenge building operators faced was filtering the sunlight and heat in order to keep building occupants comfortable and manage energy costs with an enhanced building appearance.


When it came time to reinstall the film, the supplier for this project was clear: the Fifth Third Center’s windows would again be entrusted to Solar Tint, now operated by Vice President Jason Young – the son of the Solar Tint founder, who had managed the 1980s project.

“We had a great experience with Solar Tint the first time around, and saw for ourselves that 3M’s window films were built to last,” said the building manager. “Their knowledgeable team educated us on 3M’s advancements to window films introduced since the previous installation, and we were eager to see the enhanced benefits made possible by an additional 20 years of product development.”


Young and his team conducted the installation without disturbing the employees in the Fifth Third Center. In addition to controlling internal temperatures, the window film provided a more uniform look to the building by hiding the various types of blinds used on each floor.

The 3M team conducted an energy audit and conservatively estimated a payback period of two years for the installation done in the ‘80s. “We had no idea just how quickly the return on investment would come,” said the building manager. “In less than one year, our project costs were paid back in full. We also saved more than $100,000 on energy bills in the first year alone.” When it came time to install the updated 3M™ Sun Control Window Film Neutral 20, he decided another energy audit was unnecessary because of the quick payback and energy savings experienced from the first installation. He added, “The top-of-the-line technology from 3M and the professionals at Solar Tint proved again to be a fantastic combination.”


Information courtesy of 3M

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