Instant On-Demand Access - 3-Part On-Demand ADA Web Workshop Series

ADA 3-Part On-Demand Web Workshop Series
Only $360 for all 3, $150 each.
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What does the adoption of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design mean for the facilities you manage?

Find out by attending Building Operating Management's ADA 3-Part Web Workshop Series. Each 60-minute web workshop is presented by Joan Stein, President & CEO, Accessibility Development Associates, Inc.

The ADA Web Workshop Series sheds serious light on the ADA regulations, providing a thoughtful, thorough analysis of their ramifications, as well as a discussion of key strategies for compliance. The series includes:

Workshop One
The New ADA Rules and Regulations: It's More Than Bricks and Sticks
* An understanding of the ADA as a civil rights law
* An understanding of the changes in regulations (rules) and requirements (scoping and technical)
* A comparative review of the differences between the 1991 ADA Standards and the 2010 ADA Standards
* A timeframe for the enforcement of the new rules and requirements
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Workshop Two
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
* How the ADA is enforced both by the Justice Department and the federal courts
* An understanding of the differences between building codes and the ADA as a civil rights law
* Practical tips and guidance on how to demonstrate a 'good faith effort' in your ADA compliance efforts*
* Practical tips and guidance on what to do when a complaint is filed against you/your organization*

*Ms. Stein is not an attorney and the tips and guidance provided in this session cannot be construed to be legal advice.
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Workshop Three
Best practices: If you build it, they will come. So build it right, and then tell people that you've built it
* An understanding of the demographics/market of individuals with disabilities
* Examples of ways to create a safe, usable and enjoyable environment for anyone coming into your facility
* Tips and guidance on working with design and construction professionals, as well as looking carefully at the manufactured items you purchase
* Guidance on the development and implementation of an ADA compliance program that works!
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Joan W. Stein
President and CEO
Accessibility Development Associates, Inc.

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