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Siemens Smart Infrastructure's Smart Thermostat RDS120/120-B

The Siemens Smart Thermostat RDS120 and Smart Thermostat with BACnet RDS120-B provide a high-end look & feel while also offering a high level of energy efficiency and extended features. They were conceived with the expectations of installers and end-users in mind, featuring 6 powerful sensors: temperature, humidity, lighting, proximity, PiR and VOC as well as a Smart Thermostat mobile app. As a result, they’re strategically targeted for use across a range of applications including commercial real estate and mixed use buildings with a BMS, as well as, managed residential applications including dormitories, small retail and residential systems. 

Today, there is growing awareness that the quality of the air we breathe has a significant impact on our health and our productivity. Good IAQ, optimal room temperature and humidity control greatly reduce the risk of falling ill while enhancing room comfort. The RDS120/RDS120-B with their IAQ display "Good", "Okay", "Poor", and temperature and humidity control, contribute to healthy indoor climates.

Users want the best room comfort and energy savings whenever possible. The ability to visualize energy consumption by trending heating/cooling system on-time encourages the use of more energy-efficient settings. This data can be displayed directly via Smart Thermostat’s mobile app. The bottom line is that the Smart Thermostat RDS120/RDS120-B are easy to use, can be commissioned quickly and easily while improving energy efficiency and healthy indoor climates.  


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