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Bestorq X5 V-belt

Bestorq Inc. introduced the next generation in HVAC V-belts, the Bestorq X5. 

These belts are specially designed to use only 40% as much energy to bend around the HVAC’s pulleys on a typical HVAC blower and are proven to outlast traditional v-belts.  The X5 belts are made with a revolutionary EPDM compound to improve performance and life. 

They have a temperature rating of -70 to +260 F degrees and meet all ARPM belt standards.  Many Bestorq X5 customers are experiencing up to 15% reductions on related HVAC costs to their electric bills.  This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars for some large use customers. These cost savings have been verified through independent 3rd party testing. 

The Bestorq X5 belts are lasting much longer, allowing tenants to save money on maintenance costs.  Best of all, Bestorq’s X5 belts usually cost no more to replace than your standard V-belt.  Bestorq’s X5 is the next generation of HVAC belts that Facilities Managers are looking for to reduce both energy  and down time costs.  To find out more or to see a demonstration, check us out at www.bestorq.com.

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