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Verifiable Energy Savings -- up to 95% kWh savings and up to 96% peak kW demand reduction from Nagle Energy Solutions, LLC

Green Certifications: Energy Star Qualified

Our technology and system design utilize a proprietary, smart-control logic that detects and measures vehicle fumes and then modulates garage fan speeds to prevent CO levels from exceeding 10 parts per million (ppm) for extended periods of time.  This enables the NES/AirTest DCV system to consistently achieve greater energy savings – up to 95% – than “on/off” CO sensor ventilation strategies while better ensuring the health and safety of building occupants and visitors by providing continuous ventilation. 

Furthermore, Nagle Energy Solutions applies our technology in conjunction with disciplined due diligence methodologies that emphasize measurement and verification.  This enables us to eliminate the guesswork in determining baseline energy consumption and posti-installation savings, which, in turn, enables our clients to make an informed financial decision.