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HEPACART - Dust Containment and Infection Control System from Hepacart, Inc.

HEPACART™ Saves You Money

HEPACART™ takes approximately two minutes to set up or take down to move to the next work point, offering a productivity gain and a labor cost savings. Tools, ladder and other work materials conveniently remain in the HEPACART™ ceiling access cart while moving between work-points. In the work site, one person can easily maneuver the HEPACART™ ceiling access cart, making work that much more efficient and allowing contractors to work quickly, which saves facilities time and money.

HEPACART™ is Designed for Real Work

The HEPACART™ environment containment cart is manufactured in durable, easy-to-clean aluminum and requires no assembly prior to usage. Uses include – but are not limited to – removing ceiling tiles, minor duct work or electrical work above ceilings in hospitals and other patient care facilities, as well as in data centers and server rooms. Additionally, HEPACART™ is the only environment containment cart with an embedded Negative Air Machine that is independently inspected and certified.  Each HEPACART™ has swivel-lock, non-marring casters that protect floors. Each wheel assembly is rated for 900 lbs.

The Benefits of HEPACART™

  • Embedded Negative Air Machine and HEPA-Filter -- Easy to Use and Move.
  • Delivered Fully Assembled, Pre-Certified (99.99%) HEPA-Filter and Ready-To-Go.
  • Pays for itself in as little as 29 hours of use.
  • Manufactured from Durable, Easy-to-clean Aluminum -- 10+ Years of Use.
  • Tear and Puncture Resistant and Low Cost of Replacement Parts.

Every HEPACART™ Ceiling Access Cart Includes:

 Heavy-duty extruded aluminum HEPACART™ base with each wheel assembly rated for 900 lbs.

  • Filtration unit, impeller fan, HEPA filtration, pre-filter, electrical,convenience outlets, 25 ft. retractable cord.
  • Air quality and air flow certification.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • Enclosure to 10 ft. 6 in., frame and pole assembly (installed).
  • Two end-windows and two pass thru slips in the slide-out enclosure (new in 2015 on the HC55U and HC74U Series).