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16x42 Perfect Comfort Air Conditioners & Heat Pump from NRG Equipment Inc.

What Are the Benefits of a PTAC Unit?

There are numerous benefits that can be realized by installing a new PTAC unit in any climate from Toronto to Texas, regardless of whether it is a new construction, a retrofit or a replacement for an existing PTAC unit.

Increased energy efficiency is a major benefit of new PTAC units. Older PTAC units typically offered peak Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) ratings of between 5.0 and 6.0 with these ratings dropping to as low as 3.0 over time. EER ratings can be used to compare the energy efficiency of various units; these measurements display how the unit takes input electricity and converts it into output in the form of cold air. Higher ratings result in reduced electricity consumption and increased energy savings. New PTAC units incorporate higher efficiency rotary compressors and more energy efficient motors to provide EER ratings of up to 10.0 or higher. In some instances, the energy savings realized from upgrading an existing PTAC unit can be substantial enough to pay for the new equipment.
Newer PTAC units offer quiet operation through the use of multiple fan speeds to significantly reduce operation noise. Sleeker units are available which take up less floor space. There are also often options for either wired or wireless thermostats to provide additional temperature control and comfort.

Finding Quality PTAC Units

Choosing a direct distributor for several manufacturers in North America is an excellent way to ensure premium products as well as the potential for exceptional savings. It is advisable to always choose a reliable and trustworthy supplier of PTAC units with a solid reputation for product availability, energy efficient products and excellent customer service to ensure the best possible experience.
The top suppliers of PTAC units have over 20 years of experience in the industry that includes working with clients to develop customized solutions that meet non-standard requirements. In the event that a PTAC unit may not be the most efficient solution, these suppliers will offer a mix of other HVAC products to meet client needs.
Discover the many benefits of PTAC units for all of your new construction, retrofit and replacement HVAC requirements today.