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Agrilaser Handheld from Bird Control US LLC

Green Certifications: Green Seal


The Agrilaser® Lite can be easily used during cloudy weather, up to 20,000 Lux. The green laser beam frightens the birds, as they identify it as oncoming danger and flee. Over time of consistent use the Bird Control US product, birds will then associate the area as dangerous and not return.
One of the many appealing features of the Agrilaser® includes birds not becoming accustomed to the laser beam.
The Agrilaser® can be used for large distances of 1.5 miles or more and is most effective during overcast, rain, fog, and during sunrise and sunset.
The Agrilaser® Lite comes with a storage box, two rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, and lens protecting cap. The battery life of the rechargeable batteries lasts up to 150 minutes.



With the ability to deter birds for over 3 miles, the Agrilaser® Handheld is a great solution for your bird control problems. The birds interpret the laser beam as a danger and do not want to be at risk, which causes them to flee.

Over time the birds will not return because they recognize the surrounding area to be unsafe.


The Agrilaser® is best used during sunrise, sunset, fog, overcast and rain.


The Agrilaser® Handheld comes with a travel case, two batteries with a battery life of 150 minutes, and a lens protection cap.

Product specifications

Color laser beam Green

Maximal range during 500 Lux light conditions 5,000 meters

Maximal range during 10,000 Lux light conditions 2,500 meters

Maximal range during 25,000 Lux light conditions 1,000 meters

Battery life 150 minutes

Content Agrilaser® Handheld, Travel Case, 2x batteries, lens protection cap

Dimensions 435 x 66 mm

Operating temperature -10ºC tot +45ºC

Relative humidity 0% tot 95%

Storage temperature -25ºC tot +60ºC


Price $1,049.00