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Identify Indoor Air Contaminants with DIY Test Kits from Building Health Check LLC

Evalu-aire Standard (EAS)

Evalu-aire® Standard is an easy to use test kit for sampling Indoor Air Quality in facilities or homes. The kit includes a mini-pump, takes one person to implement and requires no special training. Evalu-aire® Standard (EAS) is designed for testing multiple zones.

- Identifies and Provides Concentration Levels for Mold, Pollen, Dust Mites (Intact), Skin Cells, Insect Parts, Fibers Such as Fiberglass, Fungal Elements, Culturable Mold analysis & Dust Allergen Screen.

- Quick and Easy to Use

- Report emailed in PDF Format in 7-10 Days

- Same Samples Used by Professionals

After samples are complete the kit is sent back to Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited microbiology laboratory, for analysis.

Within 7-10 business days Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) will provide a final report. This report will show detailed information for each pollutant identified, and will have guidelines for what is considered to be a normal manageable level, as compared to total levels of each pollutant found.

Common Symptoms to look for:

Eye irritation, coughing, sneezing, respiratory issues, headache, lethargy, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, tight chest, or dizziness. 

Formaldehyde Screen Check (FOSC)

Formaldehyde Screen Check identifies and measures the concentration levels of formaldehyde at a desired test location by utilizing an easy to use device called the Bio-Badge. This device can absorb Formaldehyde particulates (particles) by collecting air from an indoor area of up to 2800 square feet over a 24-48 hour testing period (preferred sampling time is 24 hours).

This kit is useful to evaluate formaldehyde in homes and in commercial establishments including hospitals, schools, hotels, airports, etc. Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) will provide a final report included in the cost of the Formaldehyde Screen Check kit. Concentration levels of formaldehyde are reported in parts per million (ppm), and are compared to what is considered to be normal. Formaldehyde can be detected at levels as low as 0.002 parts per million (ppm) for a 24 hour test.

Once EDLab receives the Bio-Badge sample for analysis by our partner labs, your lab report will be generated and emailed within 7-10 business days.

Common Symptoms to look for:

Burning eyes and throat, watering eyes, nausea, breathing problems, and can exacerbate asthma issues.