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Mobility platform for tracking employees, triggering processes and generating location analytics from

The Lighthouse platform: combines a cloud based management console, with low energy Bluetooth beacons and smart device apps to: track employee movement in real-time, schedule and push tasks/content/alarms and monitor service levels to optimize operations. The platform is modular so that companies can select and customize features for their business, industry and unique workflow. Key feature modules include:

Live employee tracking - know which zones your staff are in at all ties
Content management - compose and schedule content, including work tasks, product information, safety warnings, etc. based on time and location
Zone and employee management - easily manage beacon zones and assign active employees
Compliance management and safety - understand if service levels have been missed in real-time and raise exception alerts when requirements are not me
‘Back-in-time’ employee and exception reporting - view historic records to see where employees or assets were at any point in time, as well as when exceptions occurred
Heat mapping - access heat maps that show historical customer or employee movements across locations and zones. View live maps to see who or what is on-site at any given point in time
Time tracking & integration - track when staff start and end shifts, overtime hours and break times
Site analytics and workforce optimization - review and optimize site traffic, workforce productivity and equipment utilization using key metrics such as entries, time in facility and compliance KPI’s
App integration & development - the Lighthouse SDK for iOS and Android allows you to transform existing mobile apps into a powerful workforce engagement platform. If you don’t have an app, Lighthouse has a team of mobile experts ready to help define and build your iOS or Android app. 

Case study: Lighthouse implemented the platform for Spotless, an ASX 200 listed facilities management company, to provide real-time data on cleaners activity as they move through shopping centers.

The primary objective is to reduce public liability claims by using data to prove adherence to service level KPIs and duty of care requirements. For example, should someone slip on a spill in the food court, Spotless can quickly identify when the area was last cleaned and understand whether they met their duty of care obligations. Further, Lighthouse allows Spotless to proactively manage risk by sending alerts direct to staff when they are about to miss agreed service levels.

 The program is currently being expanded across 40+ locations with a comprehensive employee management platform that includes automated time tracking, heatmaps and location-based task management. 

Cleaning task checklist through Lighthouse mobile cleaning app