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Lunera Plug-and-Play BallastLED Lamps from Lunera Lighting Inc.

Lunera's mission is to create a new market segment of LED bulbs that operate directly off of existing fluorescent and HID ballasts; making the transition to LED as simple as changing a light bulb.  Innovative electronics integrated into Lunera’s BallastLED bulbs allow them to plug directly into ballast driven fixtures, avoiding the expense and disruption of having to replace or modify an existing light fixture in order to capture the benefits of LED technology.

Susan Lamp

The Susan Lamp family obsoletes 400, 250 and175-watt metal halide lamps by bringing high-quality; energy-efficient LED light to a broad range of commercial and industrial applications. Throughout its 50,000-hour life, the Susan Lamp is designed to eliminate at least four lamp replacement cycles and deliver consistent light levels at a fraction of the power used by a metal halide lamp.  Simple to install and valuable to own, the Susan Lamp eliminates the frustrations of rapid lumen depreciation, short life span, and excessive power consumption of the metal halide lamp it replaces.

Helen Lamp

With the Helen Lamp by Lunera, there’s no reason to stick with CFL lighting.  Bring the brilliance of natural light to your spaces today! Switch the lamp, not the socket!  The Helen Lamp fits standard 4-pin G24-series 26W, 32W, or 42W CFL and 2-pin G24d-series 26W sockets and is powered by the existing fixture’s ballast.  You can upgrade to LED by simply changing the lamp. No downtime, no hassle, no problem.