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LightMaster Lighting Control System from Intermatic

The LightMaster Lighting Control System from Intermatic makes sure your facility never wastes money on unnecessary lighting by giving you the power to independently control two circuits based on the amount of natural light in an area.

While many lighting controls inefficiently turn lighting ON/OFF, LightMaster operates on ambient light level sensing to turnlighting ON in dark areas and OFF in well-lit areas. Advanced sensors can be installed in a 330-foot radius from the lighting control in different service-accessible areas, such as a rooftop or a window. This is a cost-effective method to help reduce energy consumption by up to 50% and cut total operating costs.

On top of these benefits, LightMaster, which can be added to an existing timer, is cheaper to install than many photocontrols and is virtually maintenance free for the first 10 years of operation. The savings from cheaper installation, low maintenance costs, and more energy-efficient usage pays for the control on its own.

LightMaster also features unmatched accuracy with independent settings that enable indoor lighting to stay off until natural light is reduced, while outdoor lighting turns on when natural light is lost.

The unique lighting control system turns lights ON during inclement weather and avoids nuisance ON/OFF switching caused from lightning or car lights. A single LightMaster can provide a signal for up to 20 circuits to help conserve energy and promote a safer lit area for customers and workers.

LightMaster is ideal for any lighting application where operation is based on natural light, including 24-hour stores, access ways, atriums,, automatic awnings, driveways, exterior lighting, industrial yards, service stations, signage, parking garages, and walkways.

California Title 24 Compliant