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Mass Notification Systems from Talk-A-Phone Co.

WEBS Contact® is Talk-A-Phone's new Mass Notification software that utilizes an integrated multi-layer approach to contact a population of any size with site-specific instructions through a variety of notification mediums.

Exterior and Interior Paging Units, Emergency Phones, SMS, Email, RSS, LED Signage, Giant Voice and other technologies previously viewed as independent notification mediums can be encompassed into a comprehensive crisis management solution under one platform.

WEBS Contact® allows emergency personnel to develop pre-programmed crisis response scenarios for situations such as environmental incidents, natural disasters, workplace violence and terrorist activity, greatly enhancing the respondent's ability to spread critical information in a timely manner.

Notification Layers


WEBS® - The Big Picture

The Mass Notification system should also evolve with time. The WEBS® hardware and software platform allows new, more efficient communication mediums to augment existing infrastructure without disrupting current operating procedures. Acting as another message transport layer of the communications medium, technologies like LED Signage and SMS can enhance the ability to reach out to previously neglected recipients.

For more information regarding the layered message delivery approach visit Talk-A-Phone's Mass Notification overview pages.