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Facility-based mass notification emergency communications systems from Metis Secure Solutions

Metis Secure's facility emergency communications products:


Metis Secure's ECIM (Emergency Communications Information Management) system is software that acts as the brain for a wide variety of diverse facility communications systems, including IP phones, computer screens, digital signs, PA systems, and more. Using E-CIM, facility, security, and safety personnel can instantly broadcast urgent, actionable instructions throughout a site, using existing equipment. The E-CIM software is ideal for facility, safety, and security leaders who want the protection that advanced emergency communications systems provide, but don't want to purchase new communications hardware.

See the following page for more information about Metis Secure's Emergency Communications Information Management (E-CIM) system.


Metis Secure's Emergency Help Stations are multi-modal, IP hardware devices that broadcast alerts and intelligible voice instructions, flash lights, and display text instructions when an emergency strikes. In addition, each Help Station features a help button that connects people in need to facility responders via a live-voice, hands free link. Help Stations are backed by redundant power and communications networks, so they continue to work when phone, internet and power fail. They are designed for facilities that need comprehensive, redundant emergency communications protection, and for communications "dead spots" that aren't reached by existing equipment. 

See the following pages for more information about Metis Secure's Indoor Emergency Help Station and Outdoor Emergency Help Station.