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Emergency Communications Systems for Elevators from Talk-A-Phone Co.

Talk-A-Phone Co. offers a variety of Emergency Phone models designed for elevator use that meet current ADA and ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Elevator Safety standards. Users can instantly initiate an emergency call with the security personnel for assistance or in case of an emergency.


Emergency Phone product line comes in a variety of options including the choice of flush mounting and surface mounting and optional voice location identifier, which automatically identifies the attendant of the location of the calling phone.


Emergency Phones can be consolidated along with regular wall phones into a comprehensive security solution that utilizes a single phone line to bridge the communications among all devices. Users can initiate calls from any location to outside phones, ring a local phone or alternate between the two, creating a powerful internal communications system without a need for a phone line.


Simple Elevator Solution Diagram


ETP-100EBV – Flush Mount Emergency Phone with Voice Location Identifier

ETP-100MBV – Surface Mount Emergency Phone with Voice Location Identifier

EC-8 – Emergency Phone Consolidator for 8 lines

68429 – Wall Mount Attendant Phone


System Schematic


EC-8 Consolidator

Emergency Phone Consolidator

Multiple emergency phones can utilize one phone line without the reduction in volume with the Talk-A-Phone’s Model EC-8 Consolidator that connects up to 8 Talk-A-Phone Emergency Phones. The Consolidator can also be used to create an internal communication system without a need for any phone lines.



  • Can call an outside phone, ring a local phone or alternate
    between the two
  • Line seizure eliminates need for dedicated phone line
  • Use a standard phone set as a guard phone to create an internal
    communication system
  • Queues second and subsequent calls: when first call is completed,
    next in line is immediately connected
  • LEDs light to indicate location of incoming calls and blink for queued calls
  • Built-in auxiliary outputs for activating devices when Consolidator receives
    calls and when call is answered



 Surface Mount Emergency PhoneFlush Mount Emergency Phone

ETP-100EBV and ETP-100MBV are indoor, ADA-compliant hands-free Emergency Phones for use in locations such as: elevators, areas of rescue, stairwells, indoor controlled-access areas, senior citizen housing and correctional facilities.


The faceplate is constructed from brushed stainless steel with the metal vandal-resistant call button, while the metal screen protects the speaker and the microphone. 


As required by the ADA, the embedded LED lights up when the call is received by the monitoring station to notify persons unable to hear a response to their call.  In addition, the LED automatically turns off when the answering party speaks and lights when the answering party is listening.  This indicates to the hearing impaired when to speak.


The unit can call two different emergency numbers, a primary number as well as a back-up.  The unit automatically transmits a digital programmable location identifier and a recorded message location identifier.  Like all other programming, this message can be entered and/or changed via telephone from remote locations.  This message can be repeated upon request of the monitoring station. 


Two-way, hands-free communication commences after the recorded message has been delivered.  The emergency phone automatically disconnects when the called party hangs up.  Neither party has to push any buttons to end the call.


This unit incorporates an all-metal raised letter and Braille plate that reads "EMERGENCY" in both standard English and Braille.  The word "EMERGENCY" and the button are black.  The button is incorporated into the plate for easy identification and use by the visually impaired.  All letters are raised approximately 3/32" and comply fully with all requirements of the ADA.


The emergency phone can be equipped with an optional auxiliary input and two optional auxiliary outputs.  The auxiliary input allows the unit to be activated by any device or switch that proves a contact closure, automatically activating the emergency dialing procedure.  The two auxiliary outputs can activate a strobe or light as well as remotely control a door, CCTV or other such device.  When used for access control, the auxiliary outputs permit the monitoring station to remotely unlock a door via telephone, thereby saving time and enhancing security.



  • Cast metal raised letter and Braille signage for ADA compliance
  • Vandal resistant stainless steel faceplate and metal button
  • Uses regular phone lines or PBX
  • Phone line powered: no power supply or battery back-up needed
  • Push button once to call, then speak hands-free
  • LED indicator for hearing impaired
  • Built-in auto-dialer can dial two numbers: if first number doesn't answer or is busy, dials second number
  • Auto-answer allows security to monitor and initiate calls with Emergency Phone


For more information on Talk-A-Phone’s complete line of Security and Emergency Communications products and services, visit