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Maintenance Planning Software for Your Building from FIIX CMMS

Maintenance Assistant is a "CMMS program" - software that lets building operators schedule recurring maintenance tasks, accept work-orders and ensure that those work-orders are completed.


Here is what you will accomplish with this system:

  • Store all work-orders in a central database so they are never lost
  • Instantly see an asset's maintenance history - see how you solved this problem last year
  • Your team can pre-plan for maintenance so that they aren't forced to buy replacement parts at the last moment
  • Have your maintenance team move from "putting out fires" to predictably scheduled maintenance


MA is designed so that it is easy for regular people to use - this is plain spoken software.

MA is priced to be accessible to small and medium-sized businesses, with monthly billing and no setup fee.


What Do Our Customers Think?

"Bugs and slow performance have been my past experience with CMMS software. The wonderful thing about Maintenance Assistant cloud CMMS is that it operates lightning fast."

-Kris Z.


Next Step:

Visit our website and demo our actual CMMS as a guest.