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The Sprayon® System from Sprayon Products

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For over 40 years, Sprayon has established a leadership position in the development of the highest- performing chemicals and lubricants by understanding the complex needs of the industrial and MRO space. Sprayon understands that the main concerns of any industrial or MRO facility are:

  1. Improve Productivity & Performance
  2. Maximize Facility Uptime
  3. Create a Safer Work Environment
  4. Comply with Industry Standards & Regulations
  5. Reduce Inventory Costs

Global competition and increased environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) oversight have only increased these challenges for manufacturers. As a result, the last two decades have seen an explosion in more sophisticated management practices such as Lean, 5S Visual Management and Six Sigma, as well as more comprehensive internal EH&S programs. Unfortunately, none of these practices have been put to widespread use in the MRO chemicals and lubricants space...until now.


Using the principles of 5S Visual Management, an organizational methodology embraced by the best industrial facilities worldwide to improve productivity & efficiency in their operations, Sprayon has launched the new Sprayon System. The Sprayon System consists of two key components, our new Sprayon System Labeling and our new Sprayon System Visual Management Tools.



Our Sprayon System Labeling is based on the simple notion that the most important thing for any Industrial or MRO product packaging is clearly telling the person who will actually be USING the product what the product is, what it does and where it can & can’t be used. Not only does this improve the efficiency and productivity of the workforce, but it also provides an effective and easily recalled method for training. But, perhaps more importantly, it helps reduce the chance that the product will be used in the wrong application. And as we all know, using the wrong product on a piece of equipment may reduce its efficiency and could potentially harm the equipment and/or the user.



 Our Sprayon System Visual Management Tools take Industrial & MRO considerations to a whole new level. We’ve taken the tenants of 5S Visual Management to heart and have integrated a set of tools with our new packaging to help any facility implement and/or sustain 5S Visual Management methodology in the use of our chemicals and lubricants. These point-of-use tools are an effective, foolproof way of reinforcing the clarity, consistency and standardization that is the heart of our Sprayon System Labeling. Your team can easily understand what to use and where - it’s that simple.


This integration of packaging and point-of-use elements is a revolution for the industrial and MRO space... we call it the New Industrial Revolution. This revolution is about helping you preserve & protect your valuable equipment to prevent costly breakdowns & downtime. It’s about becoming more efficient, more productive, more profitable. It’s about working smarter, safer, better. It’s about instilling best practices and promoting the continuous improvement of all your processes.


To learn more about The Sprayon System, please visit