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Various Energy Efficiency and Commissioning Resources from California Commissioning Collaborative

The California Commissioning Collaborative provides various tools and resources for building owners, facility operators and commissioning professionals. 


  • The Building Performance Tracking Handbook is a practical guide for any commercial building owner or energy manager, the handbook is a key tool in navigating the myriad options when it comes to selecting and implementing a building performance tracking strategy.
  • New Buildings Commissioning Guide and Existing Buildings Commissioning Guide are useful resources for building owners, managers and operators as well as others involved in the commissioning process. 
  • Facility Operations Assessment is designed primarily for property buyers to assess a potential purchase, the FOA process can be used by anyone wanting to determine potential for operations & maintenance (O&M) improvements. 
  • Guidelines for Verifying Savings from Commissioning Existing Buildings provides standardized methods that may be used within existing building commissioning (EBCx) projects to calculate and verify energy savings. It also provides a framework for EBCx service providers to select a method based on a project’s goals, resources, and constraints.