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Water Truck YHQ Series from Zhengzhou Yihong Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd

Water Truck YHQ Series:
The special designed nozzle enhanced high or low pressure water flow washing the ground. Efficiently save water and strong decontamination ability, the water consumption saves 70% less than normal water truck. Low-pressure sprinkler systems can be irrigated the road and green belt. The rear of water cannon can be used for fire control.
Water Truck YHQ Series Features:
1. In order to avoid poor braking effect or ineffective steering happening which caused by liquid collision under full load condition, the body of the tank adopts 4mm hot-rolled plate, both sides of the heads adopt 5mm hot-rolled plate and build- in two anti-swing boards.
2. In order to enhance the useful life, the body of the tank has adopted phosphating treatment that achieves better preservative effect.
3. Tank with low water level alarm.
4. Cab with air-conditioning, vehicle operation can be completed in the cab, in which reduce the driver's labor intensity, work more safe and comfortable.
5. Using imported Italian water pumps, water pressure is high, reliable performance, long service life. Characteristic stainless steel nozzle makes the traces of water stable and reduces pressure loss.
6. A machine can achieve a variety of cleaning need.
7. The width of front mounted cleaning device is 2.5-3.5 meters, can be adjusted.
8. The spray can reduce dust, control air conditioning and humidity.
9. Self-priming function, using the equipment on the truck to suck water into the tank.
10. With all the features of ordinary sprinkler.

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