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Freeway Guardrail Cleaning Truck YHQX-2.5B from Zhengzhou Yihong Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd

Freeway Guardrail Cleaning Truck YHQX-2.5B:
This freeway guardrail cleaning truck is used for cleaning freeway guardrails as well as sprinkling, greening, and fire fighting. Brush institutions are mounted in front of the cab, and the operation process is totally under control. This new product has received national utility model patents. (Patent number: ZL200520030950)

Freeway Guardrail Cleaning Truck YHQX-2.5B Features:
Two brushes are designed to work interactively, with high cleaning efficiency and high speed (3-5 km per hour).
1. This sweeper is equipped with patented products, making high efficiency and speedy operation.
2. The sprinkling facility provides high pressure flow, with high efficiency and water economy: per ton of water can cover 5-8 km barrier cleaning operation.
3. With unique bristles, the cleaning operation can be done in angles which are difficult to reach, and keeps paintwork unscratched.
4. This sweeper can be modified on a variety of chassis, provides plenty of choice.
5. This equipment is charactered by safe operation, energy saving, environmental protection, and reliability.
6. This product has obtained the national patent of utility model (patent number: ZL200520030950)

Freeway Guardrail Cleaning Truck YHQX-2.5B Technical Parameter:
Model YHQX-2.5B
Developed diameter of the brushing roller 1050 mm
Revolution speed of the brushing roller 200 r / min
Boom length 2.5 m
Cleaning speed 3~5 km / h
Water tank volume 5~7 m3
Spray pressure 3~4 Mpa
Pump flow 42 L / min
Cleanliness 90ï¼…

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