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Tractor Mounted Sweeper YHQLS-1500A from Zhengzhou Yihong Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd

Tractor Mounted Sweeper YHQLS-1500A:
This powerful Tractor Mounted Sweeper is mainly used to clear away solid adhesives, such as slurries, clot, and etc. as well as to sweep dusts and litters on the pavements of road and bridge, applicable for the layer building in highway construction and the surface treatment in highway maintenance; it can also be used to clean the suburb highways where the garbage collection is unnecessary.

Tractor Mounted Sweeper YHQLS-1500A Features:
1. Using YTO wheeled tractor’s chassis, single cylinder diesel motor (C-240PD, 17.65kw), content drive and work requirement at the same time, energy efficiency.
2. The long Brush roller is at back, with the discharge angle adjustable in double directions, it can be optionally angled left or right greater than or equal to 20 degrees which enlarges the width of sweeping area, and improves the working performance of cleaning.
3. Adjustable brush roller earthing device that furthest enhance service life of sweeper and reduce use-cost
4. Maximum Sweeping width: 1500mm
5. Sweeping speed: 8-15km/h
6. Easily operate:  the whole operation system is located on the right hand side of the driver, using only one action bars to control all works, simplify operational process.
7. Provided with a caution light independence of the truck; ensure the security of the night working procedure.
8. Reasonable price with this truck, first choose for customers.

Tractor Mounted Sweeper YHQLS-1500A Technicial Parameter:
C-240PD energy efficient diesel
17.65 kw
Brush roller diameter
500 mm
Brush roller tilt angle
Sweeping width
1500 mm
Brush roller revolution speed
250—350 r/min
Travel speed
0—30 m/h
Sweeping speed
8—10 km/h
Maximum cleanable particle size
40 mm
Optional equipment
cutter, hydraulic crushing pickaxe, hose, pile driver, pile puller

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