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Zhengzhou Yihong Road Sweeper from Zhengzhou Yihong Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd

Road Sweeper YHQS5050A:
This type of suction road sweeper is designed to clean up freeways, trunk highways, county roads, urban roads, scenic spot roads, and airport roads. It works by picking up gravel, rind, scrap of paper, cigarette end, kernel, plastic bag, stone, brick, grains of sand, dust, and etc.

Road Sweeper YHQS5050A Features:
1. Assembling on secondary-class chassis of HFC1053K2T or JX1061TG23, this sweeper is equipped with air conditioning, heater, power steering system, and high-quality CD player, making driving easy.
2. This equipment is an environment-friendly special purpose sweeper, which integrates sweeping, sprinkling, and garbage transportation.
3. The cleaning system is driven by imported advanced hydraulic motor to guarantee the power and reliability during work.
4. When cleaning, the sweeping brushes softly contact the ground, largely reducing their wear and extending their working life.
5. The suction unit features elastic collision and ensures the safety during the cleaning process.
6. Equipped with oversized three layers of filter system, dust filtering ratio up to 99.99%, extending engine's life.
7. The hydraulic motor is imported from Bulgaria, stable operation.
8. Equipped with a backup hydraulic unit, which is used to lift the garbage bin and other actions, in case the truck can not start.
9. The chissis and auxiliary engines are from the same brand, so it is relatively easy to maintain.
10. Stainless steel water tank and garbage bin which make the using life longer.
11. Customized suction fan provides ample wind force; ensure a smooth and efficient completion of work.
12. Equipped with warning light that ensures a safe working enviroment during the operation.

 Road Sweeper YHQS5050A Technical Parameters:
Vehicle Parameters Model YHQS5050A
Overall dimensions 5665*1900*2710
Chassis Model HFC1053K2T
Fuel type Diesel
Total mass 5430 kg
Maximum load 3000 kg
Wheel tread (front/rear) 1400/1425 mm
Wheel base 3360 mm
Number of tires 6
Wheel specification 7.00R16
Maximum running speed 95 km/h
Passagers 2
Sweeping system
Auxiliary engine model HFC4DA1
Rated Power 57 kw
Rated speed    3600 r/min
Fuel type Diesel
Emission standards Euro ¢ó
Sweeping width 3000 mm
Sweeping speed 4-25 km/h
Maximum cleanable particle size 110 mm
Garbage bin capacity 5 m3
Hydraulic system  
Independent hydraulic operation
control system
Using the hydraulic unit to achieve the movement
of four sweeping disc rotation, lifting, stretching;
and container's lifting
System pressure 13Mpa