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New MTU Onsite Energy 550 kW power module features MTU Series 1600 engine from MTU Onsite Energy Corporation

MANKATO, Minnesota - The new 550 kW prime-rated power module from MTU Onsite Energy is specially designed for maximum application flexibility and debuts as MTU Onsite Energy’s introduction to the mobile and rental generator market.  The generator is powered by the award-winning MTU 12V 1600 engine.  This MTU Onsite Energy unit is prime-rated to an average 24-hour load factor of 75 percent with a varying load, as compared to the typical 70 percent average 24-hour load factor for a most often used for a prime-rated generator set. This makes the MTU Onsite Energy unit ideal for prime, emergency and standby use in demanding applications such as mining, quarrying or powering industrial processes. The sound-attenuated package is fully self-contained for ease of transport, delivery, set up, and power integration in applications involving mobile prime or emergency power.

“The new 550 kW prime power module from MTU Onsite Energy features the highest fuel efficiency in its class,” says Al Prosser, director of sales, MTU Onsite Energy.  “The package is also very easy to operate and service, with simple gauges, digital controls and convenient enclosure access points. The unit has been extensively field-tested and is currently being used to power mobile rock crushing and aggregate loading equipment at Wendling Quarries, one of the largest quarrying companies in the Midwest.”  A video of the quarrying application is available at

The generator set’s flexibility shows through in its user-friendly paralleling capabilities.  Centrally located connection points make it easy to integrate the unit with other generator sets when serving larger loads, and digital controls simplify synchronization.  The generator set also features switchable 50/60 Hz frequency and switchable voltage settings from 208 volts to 480 volts in the 60 Hz mode. The 50 Hz model operates at 400 volts. A 600 volt non-switchable version is available as well. 

The rugged ISO container (CSC certified) is designed for hot, cold and dusty environments and is rated to 50 degrees C.  Sound production is limited by the enclosure to 75 dBA at full power.  Cooling air is redirected to reduce airflow sound and exhaust noise is reduced by a custom internal silencer.  Additional sizes of prime-rated power modules from MTU Onsite Energy will be introduced in the second half of 2011.

MTU Onsite Energy’s new 550 kW prime-rated power module

MTU Onsite Energy’s new 550 kW prime-rated power module  features operational flexibility and MTU’s 12V Series 1600 engine.