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Lighting EVER 40 Watt Outdoor LED Flood Lights from lighting ever

Lighting EVER 40 Watt
Outdoor LED Flood Lights






Power Of Single LED 40W
Power Consumption 40W
Luminous Flux (lm) 3800
LED Brand Epistar
LED Quantity 1
CRI Over 75
Color Daylight White (5700-6500K)
Input Voltage AC 85 to 265V or 12/24VDC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Net Weight 123.46oz (3.5Kg)
Working Temperature - 40 to 50 Celsius Degree
Length 10.31in (262mm)
Width 9.06in (230mm)
Height 7.28in (185mm)
Lifespan Over 30,000 hours
Warranty 24 months
Materials 1. High purity aluminum reflector and heat sink; 2. high intensity tempered glass cover;

Flood lights are used far and wide. They are commonly used in certain vehicles and buildings for protection. Nonetheless, buying the bulbs regularly can be very expensive. For those who would like to save some cash and become more Eco friendly, they may want to invest in LED flood lights over the traditional bulbs.

Most people use the fluorescent bulbs which are quite inefficient and do not even last log as they would expect them to. Frequent changing of bulbs is not only inexpensive but proves to be time consuming. Other than being affordable, they can save a lot more energy.

Additionally, this will save much energy than the conventional bulbs. They are also Eco friendly because when compared to fluorescent bulbs they do not emit toxic gases which are very dangerous to your health.

They are also more studier compared to conventional bulbs hence proving that they can last much longer. When one uses them appropriately, they can work for over 100,000 hours compared to the conventional bulbs which only last for nearly 50,000 hours.

Also since they are made using certain materials which can last for a long time, one can place them high up because they do not require regular replacement. Another benefit is that although they do not use a lot of energy, these bulbs have the ability to emit much light over a wider area hence offering full security. Moreover, they do not emit a lot of heat which is very harmful.

Most people think that these led bulbs can be powered using electricity only, the truth is there are numerous types that can be supplied with the needed energy from the sun as they can be incorporated with solar panels. Thus, individuals who would like to ensure some security to their families and save some money, LED flood lights are the best.