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nora® Products from nora systems, Inc.

Green Certifications: Greenguard Environmental Institute

With more than 300 colors and styles, your rubber flooringstair treadsaccessories and even inlays, can take on the design you envisioned, whatever your market segment. Special rubber flooring products, for sound absorption or static dissipation, contribute to products that have been established as a result of working directly with you.

Your unique sets of aesthetic and functional requirements push nora® to continually reevaluate and test our floor covering products to better meet your needs. Even custom, one-of-a-kind colors and surface designs can be developed for your most prestigious projects.


Environmental Responsibility

Green is not a color.

Green is an attitude, a commitment and responsibility. nora systems, Inc. is committed to improving the indoor environment of buildings in which nora is used while, at the same time, minimizing nora's ecological and environmental operational footprint. While promoting corporate environmental stewardship, nora supports industry standards of environmental responsibility and is able to provide you with sustainable flooring solutions. Excellent indoor air quality and an extended life cycle are just a few of the many ways nora helps you create a sustainable design that is in harmony with nature.

nora® employees are committed to reducing nora's and their own carbon footprint. Our company’s sustainable operational practices include recycling programs that encompass paper, bottles, computers and office equipment as well as the use of recycled shipping materials and office furniture, the deployment of a cooling water circuit and the use of secondary raw materials. Lighting motion sensors, low mercury compact fluorescent lights and programmable thermostats contribute to energy conservation. Even our coffee and tea is fair trade.