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Protocol Converters for Building Automation from Chipkin Automation Systems Inc


The powerful FieldServer solves communication and protocol conversion problems and improves response times in distributed data acquisition and control systems. The FieldServer is available as:


  • Protocol Translator, translating from one protocol to another in a variety of applications. Drivers are available for a wide range of protocols. Refer to for latest list of available drivers.
  • An Ethernet Gateway, enabling new and old PLCs, RTUs, and SCADA devices to link to Ethernet for plant wide communications. Refer to for latest list of available drivers.
  • Port Expander with one serial port, one Ethernet port and extensive modem and communications capabilities. The internal poll-block caching capability insures that data from various PLC/RTU devices is immediately available to the SCADA devices when needed. Data can be cached from slower devices or remote units for immediate access by the host device.
  • Scanner to connect a PC to a field node using serial or Ethernet ports. Modern PCs have few or no available slots for additional interface boards. The Scanner eliminates the requirement to plug an interface board into a PC to communicate to field nodes. An OPC driver simplifies Scanner configuration and communication.
  • An Embedded board that meets OEM application requirements where the user needs to have a FieldServer included as part of their package as a single board addition. A PC104 connection is provided for power transfer.
  • Remote Serial Port allowing serial data to be transported via Ethernet as TCP/IP packets. Such a device is also known as a tunneling device
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