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ioEYE Energy from senseGROW Technologies Private Limited

Every bit of energy saved by end users, like you, can lead to more than proportionate reduction in energy produced. Lesser energy produced means lesser co2 emissions and less constrain on our natural resources. Saving energy is not only a moral responsibility but also a sensible thing to do.

With ioEYE Energy, you can now reduce financial and environmental impact of your energy consumption by effectively managing energy use and the factors that affect it. ioEYE Energy helps both small and large organizations in measuring, analyzing and reducing energy costs by up to 30%. Small organization can benefit from a low cost and easy to implement solution. For larger enterprises, we provide end-to-end solutions through our partners. Let’s build a sustainable energy future together…

Save energy and money

Predict your energy usage and budget it. Identify wastage. Improve power quality. Get tips on how to save energy from other ioEYE Energy users and our certified energy partners.

Track your energy use in real-time

Track how much energy you have used by day, month or week. Monitor your power quality, peak demands and other vital parameters that effect energy consumption.

Analyze your energy data

Knowing where you waste energy is the first step towards reducing such wastage. Analyze, compare and view energy statistics like – always on power, ghost loads, power quality issues, load profiles, breakup of energy usage, and consumption across a period.

Engage energy users

You can share energy consumption (wastage or savings) information with assets or equipment users, operators and managers. Letting them know their real-time consumption alone can be responsible for a 7% reduction in energy consumption. You can also reward departments and managers who perform best.

Save our planet

By saving energy with ioEYE Energy, you are expressing your commitment to supporting sustainable energy future. And doing your bit for saving the planet.

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