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CS Unitec’s line of Disc Sanders includes Rotary Sander, Drywall Sander and Angle Grinder/Sanders. from CS Unitec, Inc.

Disc Sanders

1. ERS 180 Rotary Sander is ideal for sanding coated wood surfaces, including stairs, floors and clapboard. It also works on plastics, fiberglass and soft aluminum. Slide rollers guide the sander along the edge and protect the sanding disc. The vacuum port allows dust collection. The result is clean removal of varnishes, paint, lacquers, waxes and other coatings.

• A variety of 7” abrasive discs are available for prep, fine and intermediate sanding.

• 6 AMP, variable-speed motor (0-2300 RPM) with a lock-on button for continuous use. Weighs 6 lbs.

• Side handle mounts on the left or right side for user comfort.

• Vacuum connection for use with CS Unitec’s CS 1225 H or CS 1500 H HEPA vacuums, or other industrial vacuums to reduce airborne dust for a cleaner and safer work environment.

ERS 180 7" Rotary Sander with Dust Collection


2. ETS 225 Drywall Sander prepares wall and ceiling seams with a smooth finish quickly and cleanly before painting, plastering or decorating. Dust-free sanding discs have vacuum holes and a hook and loop backing. Coupled with a dust extraction vacuum, these discs reduce airborne dust for a cleaner and safer working environment.

• 9" disc diameter is ideal for sanding large surface areas such as walls, ceilings, wood floors, boats, vehicles and other applications.

• Special ergonomic handle design allow it to be guided for long periods of time, with less fatigue, on walls, as well as overhead on ceilings.

• 6 AMP, variable speed motor (0-2300 RPM) with lock-on button for continuous use.

• Optional accessories include a telescopic rod and an angle attachment for sanding along edges on high walls and ceilings.

ETS 225 9" Drywall Sander


Angle Grinders/Sanders

1. Varilex WSF 1600 Angle Grinder- The most powerful speed-controlled angle grinder in its class.

• Variable speed from 2000 to 7300 RPM, 12.27 Amp (1350 W) power.

• Change disc in seconds without tools.

• For disc diameters of 4”, 4-1/2”, 5”, 6” and 7”. Use with various discs and safety guards.

Varilex WSF 1600 Angle Grinder


2. L1506 VR - Variable Speed Electric Angle Grinder/Sander is a versatile tool that is ideal for grinding, roughing, cutting, deburring and rust removal. This is a popular choice among the metal, automotive and natural stone industries.

• 11 Amp motor, variable speed from 2200 to 6800 RPM. Disc diameters of 4-1/2” and 5”

Also available:

2a. L1506 VV Variable Speed Electric Angle Grinder/Sander with Dust Extraction  

• 4” and 4-1/2” disc diameter – Vacuum port: 1-1/4”.

2b. L 1506 VV Air - Pneumatic Angle Grinder/Sander with Dust Extraction

• 4" and 4-1/2"disc diameter –

• 1 HP motor, 33 CFM air consumption @90 PSI. Speed: 6000 RPM . Vacuum port: 1-1/4”.


3. L 1509 FR - Single-speed, high-performance angle grinder/sander. The most powerful angle grinder, with feedback motor. Electronic control with tachogenerator maintains constant speed even at extreme loads for maximum grinding power.

• 11 amp motor, 10,000 RPM, Disc diameters of 4-1/2” and 5”

Also available:

3a. L 1509 AIR is a powerful, lightweight pneumatic angle grinder for grinding, cleaning, deburring, blending and smoothing. This lightweight, versatile angle grinder is ideal for use in the most demanding grinding and sanding applications.

• 1HP motor, 33 CFM Air consumption of @90PSI. Speed: 6500 RPM. Disc diameters of 4-1/2” and 5”


Abrasives and accessories:

A variety of abrasive flap discs available for grinding, sanding and polishing including Plantex® Flap discs for grinding steel and stainless steel, with hemp/polypropylene backing.

CS Unitec’s dust extraction vacuums offer strong 130 CFM air flow and an automatic filter cleaning system to maximize vacuum power and dust collection. The “Power Take-off” outlet activates the ON/OFF mode from the tool switch, making these vacuums ideal for use with power tools. HEPA vacuums are available.