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CS Unitec’s Hydraulic & Air Rotary Hammer Drills:Powerful percussion drilling of concrete & masonry from CS Unitec, Inc.


Model 2 2404 0010 – Air Rotary Hammer

Model 2 2404 0030 – Underwater Air Rotary Hammer 

CS Unitec's Pneumatic Rotary Hammer

CS Unitec's Pneumatic Rotary Hammers are safer than similar electric hammer drills in hazardous atmospheres and wet environments. These hammer drills have a 0.7 HP motor and operate at 90 PSI using 21 CFM of air volume. They use SDS-Plus solid carbide tipped masonry drill bits for drilling anchor holes and thru holes up to 1" in concrete. SDS-Plus carbide core drill bits drill up to 3" in brick and block. The drill delivers up to 3,000 blows per minute.

Quality features include:

• Special water flushing attachment for suppression of sparks and dust.

• Safety clutch that protects against overloading and jamming.

• Maintenance-free gearhead has permanent lubrication and sealed gears.

• Operates at 90 PSI and uses 21 CFM of air volume.

• Easily converts to straight rotary drilling with a RPM of 625 for holes up to 1/2” dia. in steel or up to 3/4” in wood

An optional AirPac and underwater air tool line conditioner is available to remove moisture and inhibit rust/corrosion.



 CS Unitec’s Model 2 2406 0010 Hydraulic Rotary Hammer Drill delivers 3,400 blows per minute for percussion drilling of concrete, rock and masonry. This tool uses SDS-Plus shank carbide tipped bits up to 1” diameter for cost-effective drilling of concrete anchor holes and thru-holes. Additional applications include piping and mechanical openings, as well as other construction and repair work. This versatile hammer drill can also be switched to a rotary mode for drilling of steel and wood.

Ideal for use in marine, mining, utility and construction environments, this Hydraulic Rotary Hammer Drill is especially suitable for underwater contractors, municipalities and power transmission and distribution applications, as well as other industries where hydraulic power is the norm.

Features of this hydraulic powered drill include:

• Operates at 1450 PSI, up to 2000 PSI max pressure. The flow range is 5.8 to 13.2 gpm.

• Safety clutch protects against overloads and jamming

• Adjustable side handle with depth gauge

• Sealed gears with permanent lubrication.

• Weighs only 15 lbs.

CS Unitec supplies the drill with a water flushing attachment that suppresses concrete dust. The unit includes hydraulic hoses with 3/8” Flush-Face (FF) connectors for supply and return, an adjustable grip handle and a carrying case.

CS Unitec's Hydraulic Rotary Hammer Drill