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Grasshopper PowerVac™ Collection Systems from Grasshopper Company

Grasshopper PV Mod15  Grasshopper Mod16

Enhance the appearance of any turf area that’s sure to please even the most critical ey with the most powerful, maneuverable and efficient vacuum systems available to turf care professionals – the Grasshopper PowerVac™ Collection System. The easy-to-install, deck-driven PowerVac™ features a trash-ingesting steel impeller that chops and compacts virtually anything: wet grass, high-moisture leaves, pine straw, dethatching debris, small sticks, seed pods and acorns, paper, litter and tough weeds, without clogging or bridging. PowerVac™ then propels the material into the large-capacity collector, which is rear-mounted to maintain Grasshopper’s renowned True ZeroTurn™ maneuverability and maximum visibility.


Learn about the PowerVac™ Collection System — including the PowerTilt™ collector, which empties from the operator’s seat at the touch of a switch — at