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Indoor and Outdoor Emergency Notification System from Metis Secure Solutions

The Metis Secure Solution

The next generation of in-building emergency notification is available today. With unprecedented speed and reliability, Metis Secure is the solution for emergency managers who want to keep people safe in any situation.

The Metis Secure system is a hardware and software solution that combines a comprehensive Command Center, rapid two-way Alerting Devices and a triple-redundant Communications and Power Network that easily integrates with your existing notification and security systems.

  • Our Command Center is map-based and web-based for ease of use, maximum control and pinpoint accuracy. The Command Center is accessible to authorized personnel on any computer – onsite or off – to send and receive alerts to and from the MS-5100 alerting devices. The Command Center serves as a dashboard to provide real-time intelligence of the Metis Secure system or other security systems including existing mass notification.
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  • MS-5100 and MS-6100 alerting devices offer a fast and effective communication link between people in need and security personnel. Strategically located throughout a facility, both devices use multi-faceted notification — alerting and providing instructions with voice, text, lights and sirens, and communicating via rapid two-way connection between the alerting device and the Command Center.
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  • Our triple-redundant Communications and Power Network makes the system impervious to power outages, dead zones and communications systems failures. The combined use of a proprietary Wireless Mesh technology, FM-RBDS and Ethernet allows the network of alerting devices to communicate with each other and with the Command Center under virtually any circumstance. There is no dependency on mobile phone networks or the Internet.
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  • Metis Secure does more than help you protect people, we protect your investments. Our IP-based solution can integrate with the most advanced, and even legacy, notification and security solutions. We recently integrated IML Corp SoundCommander outdoor loudspeakers into our system.
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"We selected Metis Secure because we were impressed with the speed and effectiveness of the solution and wanted one single emergency notification platform. We plan to implement the Metis Secure system throughout our campus to inform and protect our students, faculty, staff and visitors wherever they are."

Bill Cameron
VP of Operations
Point Park University

"The Request for Help feature quickly tells us the exact location and nature of a problem, which means my team is able to provide more rapid and effective response to people in need. In medical emergencies this can be the difference between life and death."

Windy Stafford
Assistant Chief of Police
Slippery Rock University

"The Metis Secure system is a huge enhancement to our emergency notification plan. We didn't have the ability to send messages to people in specific locations on campus. This targeted approach allows us to communicate to those individuals in need without alarming everyone else on campus, not affected by a situation."

Rita Abent
Executive Director, University Public Relations
Slippery Rock University

"With poor cell phone and radio reception throughout and numerous research laboratories containing hazardous materials, Mellon Institute is a challenging security environment. If this technology can work here, it can work anywhere."

Madelyn Miller
Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Carnegie Mellon University