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PreVent Air Intake Filter Keeps Coils Clean from Permatron

"The installation of the Permatron PreVent filter has saved us money, reduced downtime, and to date eliminated any possible environmental outages."  -- Gary Wilcox, Production Supervisor, Osram-Sylvania

"By using the PreVent filters, we've reduced our seasonal filtration costs by almost 70% and our maintenance and cleaning man-hours are about a third of what they were with the old filtration equipment." -- Angelo Carrieri, Maintenance Superintendent, Water and Sanitation District, Parker, Colorado


PreVent® air intake filters stop debris, like COTTONWOOD, from entering HVACR equipment, and clogging up the system.  Debris insulated coils cause heat build-up, higher discharge pressure and amp draws.  Reduced air flow from clogged fins causes equipment to run longer cycle times, at reduced capacity, with increased energy consumption.  This UV protected filter reduces necessary equipment maintenance, downtime and frequent/labor intensive condenser coil chemical cleanings.  Debris comes off easily with a broom or shop vacuum.   Custom made to any air intake perimeter, a variety of design features allow filter to be attached easily and securely.  Photo shows how effective the PreVent® filter is on a Marley Cooling Tower during prime cottonwood season.