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Building Energy Managment Systems (BEMS) Controllers from Trend Control Systems


Trend Control System’s IQView8 is a touch screen display that provides an interface into the Trend system. It enables users to view and adjust operating times, monitor alarms, make adjustments to controller parameters and display graphs of logged data. Schematic displays provide the ability to view, change and graph data from color graphics pages.

The IQView8 is panel mountable with surface and embedded mounting options available enabling the unit to be mounted in a way suitable for its environment and use.

In addition to a robust feature set, the IQView8 includes an intuitive user interface that makes adjustments to the Trend system a snap. 


Trend Control Systems TouchView is a BACnet®-based communicating, intelligent sensor-controller with a built-in temperature and humidity sensors used to control a variety of applications. The TouchView includes 19 pre-loaded applications for specific and common projects including fan-coil, heat pump and air conditioning, and enables the TouchView to have fast configuration and installation.

The wireless version of the TouchView (TouchView-W) combines all the features of the TouchView with an integrated wireless receiver. The TouchView provides a cost-effective solution to meet space temperature comfort requirements and the addition of a wireless receiver allows for the flexibility to use wireless (PIR) occupancy sensors and window or door sensors.

The TouchView(W) communicates over an MS/TP LAN and operates as a fully-functioning BACnet controller that easily integrates with the building energy management system.

Based on an established industry platform and a sleek, sophisticated design, the TouchView(W) is a single, cost competitive unit with a user-friendly interface.


The Trend Open Network Node (TONN) is a Trend network device that enables the Trend system to interface with third party systems such as BACnet®, LONWORKS®, Mbus®, MODBUS®, SNMP® and KNX®. It utilizes the NiagaraAX Framework® for the integration of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and non-HVAC systems (e.g. lighting) in a building. 

TONN reads the required data from the third party systems, and makes it available to IQ3 controllers.  Data from the controllers can be made available to the third party systems to provide a single supervisory option.

TONN enables values from the Trend system to be read and written by third party systems connect to the TONN, and for the Trend system to read values from and write values to the third party systems.

The following is a list of available drivers:

  • BACnet® IP
  • BACnet® MSTP
  • LON® IP
  • Modbus® RTU
  • Master ModbusTRU® Slave
  • Modbus® TCP Master
  • Modbus® TCP Slave
  • Mbus® Serial
  • Mbus® IP
  • oBIX
  • SNMP
  • Flex Over RS-232 or RS-485
  • Micros Fidelio®
  • Global Chache®
  • Horstmann® serial
  • Helvar® serial
  • American Automatrics® PHP over RS-232 or RS-485
  • American Automatrics® PUP over RS-232 or RS-485
  • Andover® AC256 serial
  • Andover® Infinity/Continuum serial
  • Roseol® solar water heating controller serial
  • Protect® fire panel serial
  • TONN Enhanced Driver


Trend Control Systems IQeco product line features fully programmable unitary controllers that communicate with other IQeco controllers over the BACnet® MS/TP network and with IQ networking devices through Trend’s IQ3xact BACnet Internetwork Node Controller (BINC). The IQeco offers an optional actuator and pressure sensor for use as a VAV controller. The IQeco product family has flexible I/O ranging from 10 to 18 programmable points. The available types include universal inputs, digital outputs and analog outputs.

The IQeco VAV versions come with a pre-loaded strategy that allows for efficient engineering and commissioning; however, all IQeco products are programmable with the Trend SET tool allowing a Trend Technology Center to customize the controller to meet the functional requirements of the customer’s building.

The IQeco communicates over an MS/TP LAN so it operates as a fully-functioning BACnet unitary controller and, with the IQ3xact BINC, easily integrates with the building energy management system (BEMS).

Six versions of the IQeco BACnet controller provide a choice I/O point counts and strategies to fit any building’s need. 


The Wallbus Room Display (RD-WMB) is a temperature sensor and three-digit display. The RD-WMB is used to monitor and control setpoints, fan speed and occupancy. Users can monitor and control basic comfort settings of any room via an easy-to-use interface.

The RD-WMB connects to a controller’s wall module bus (WMB) connector. It can be fitted on a standard electrical wall box via the Trend wall sensor adaptor plate (WSA).

Connecting the RD-WMB to controllers with WMB (Wallbus) capabilities (e.g. IQeco), makes additional I/O channels available to the controller. The additional I/O allows for additional applications for monitoring and displaying various aspects in a room including temperature, setpoint adjustment, occupation status and override and fan speed control.



The Trend TL1 is a Trend network device that utilizes NiagaraAX® software for a Novar Logic One® system to interface, communicate and integrate with a Trend system. The TL1 replaces the Logic One executivecontrollers located within a building, and replicates the functionality.

The TL1 replaces the Logic One executives within a building, and provides a supervisor to control Logic One controllers.

As Logic One approaches its end of life for commercial buildings, the TL1 is an effective tool to extend the life of a current Logic One system while creating a clear and comprehensive migration path to a new and updated building management system.