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ICO Lastic from International Coatings, Inc.

The New Yorker Hotel has been one of the most popular hotels in New York City since it was built in the 1929. When it opened it was the largest hotel in Manhattan and many famous guests have stayed there over the years including John F Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, and Fidel Castro. In 2007 there was a $70 million dollar renovation project to both restore its art deco reputation and add a modern edge and style.

 They had a major flood from equipment failure in a 7,000 sq/ft mechanical area on the 4th floor of the hotel that did damage to the floors below. Chief Engineer Joe Kinney contacted  Daniel Sutherlann of Insignia Renovations for suggestions on waterproofing the area and preventing another damaging flood in the future. Daniel thoroughly researched different options and in the end recommended International Coatings’ ICO Lastic, a epoxy-modified polymer that provides an impermeable moisture barrier against standing water and excellent crack bridging characteristics. It combines the elastomeric properties of a urethane (140% elongation) with the excellent adhesion of an epoxy. In addition it has virtually no odor while being applied so there would be no disruption to the New Yorker’s guests stay.

The concrete floor was scarified to provide a clean sound surface for the epoxy to bond. Six new drains were installed in the mechanical room to properly drain areas. 4” x 4” concrete curbs were fabricated to act as a containment area. At all entrances 6” high concrete ramps were fabricated to ensure that water would be contained and not spill out into the hall and other floors.


There was a trouble spot in an area that at one time held a piece of machinery that leaked oil. The oil kept on resurfacing despite scarifying the concrete and repeated cleanings. Daniel decided to try and use ICO Gel as a skim coat prior to the ICO Primer LV and ICO Lastic. Daniel’s creative thinking paid off and the ICO Gel’s tenacious bond and heavier application prevented the oil from reappearing.

The entire project from start to finish took about a month due to the complexity of the job and the constraints of working in a hotel while it is open. Joe Kinney was so confident of Insignia Renovations and ICO Lastic that he regularly gave tours of the recently completed areas and the works in progress. During one of these tours with the General Manager and Director of Sales with the hotel they got the idea of selling one of the rooms to Kennel Clubs and dog owners for use as a cleaning and bathing station prior to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at the Madison Square Garden. A new potential revenue stream for the hotel!

 Joe Kinney and the New Yorker Hotel were very impressed with the professionalism and dedication of Insignia Renovations as well as the performance of the ICO systems. He told Daniel during the installation that it was the first time in his many years of experience that a product did what it claimed to do and more.