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Maintenance and Reliability Training from People and Processes, Inc

University Certification Maintenance and Reliability for Managers Certification Our Maintenance and Reliability for Managers Certification is conducted in partnership with the University of North Florida. The program originated from our very successful 4-part series entitled Maintenance and Reliability for Managers and is based on participant feedback. It offers a detailed and comprehensive development program, not just Maintenance Managers; but other Managers who need to gain a deeper understanding of how drive reliability improvement and success. To better accommodate your needs, the certification can be completed by taking 6, 2-day courses within 3 years, or may be completed in a 2 or 3 week series. Can't Travel or Reducing Travel Costs - Bring our courses to your site Our University Certification and all our courses can be delivered directly on your site. Onsite courses are a great way to help transfer the knowledge and build internal support for improving Maintenance and Reliability. About Our Courses and Course Schedule Based on the University Certification, we have revamped our courses and course scheduling to better accommodate your needs and requests. Most of our courses are now offered in a modular 2-day format to accommodate your request to get access to multiple courses during a single week. While we still offer our popular 4 part series entitled Maintenance and Reliability for Managers, you will see how we have restructured the schedule to allow a similar but more modular course series to be completed in a 2 or 3 week fashion. With the University Certification, like the 4 part series; we also offer to proctor SMRP's Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional certification exam on completion of the series. Successful learning requires a minimum of three factors. Knowledge: Many of our subject matter experts began as practitioners. Leveraging experience along with continuing education, and certification for some have yielded facilitators that truly understand the real world, the constraints, the short term focus on shareholder results, the reactive chaos that most face every day in their organizations. Many of our facilitators have either directly led change efforts or engineered the successful strategy to leave the reactive chaos behind and move toward a proactive reliability-centered culture. Our facilitators don't simply provide courses in a different city every week. When not facilitating courses, they provide professional consulting services and see the actual results of the education play out in real organizations, in real time. Their experiences and stories are shared with the various groups to add value to the course content. Our goal is to help you succeed. Environment: Our classrooms are located in environments conducive to learning. The course locations are convenient to you and with ample classroom space. Each classroom is equipped with the necessary tools such as computers (where required), course, and reference materials to transfer the subject knowledge to the learner. Engagement: Our facilitators make every effort to learn about you, your organization, and its environment. Not only do they want to know your learning style, they want to understand your goals for attending the course. As part of that, they are trying to determine the tools needed to help you be successful going forward. Have you ever been to a course where the instructor didn't really have the knowledge and could only stick to the presentation they had been given? Each of our facilitators has the knowledge and skills that allow for flexibility in the learning environment. They are capable of deviating from the course agenda when required to respond to a learner's individual needs. Dependent on the duration, our courses provide networking lunches and other social activities to allow ample time for networking with your peers from other industries and organizations. The facilitator is normally available during these times for more interaction. With all our courses, the facilitator is accessible after the course ends and you return to your organization for additional questions and follow up. Again, our goal is to help you succeed in your world. Who should attend: Organizational personnel who are accountable for implementing process and equipment change, or maintaining equipment, to include Plant Managers, Maintenance Managers and Supervisors, Operations Managers and Supervisors, and Maintenance or Reliability Engineers.