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CS Unitec Band Saws from CS Unitec, Inc.

CS Unitec's portable Band Saws are ideal for fast, on-site cutting of pipe, conduit, bolts, cable, angle iron, structural steel, chain and more. Available in pneumatic, electric or hydraulic power, these heavy-duty saws are engineered to quickly cut a wide variety of metals such as steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, aluminum, copper and iron, as well as fiberglass, plastics, wood and more.


Available in both 4-3/4" and 7" OD cutting capacity, these portable saws have been designed for easy operation - the vertical orientation of the motor provides a clear view of the cut, and an adjustable tracking mechanism ensures proper blade alignment. Applications for these tough saws include use in refineries, chemical plants, offshore oil, mining, nuclear plants, demolition and construction industries.


CS Unitec's Pneumatic Band Saws are ATEX certified for use in Ex Zones where hazardous atmospheres may be present. Ideal for process shutdowns and turnarounds, these saws reduce the need for "hot work permits". Additionally, there is no fear of electric shock or blown circuitry when used in wet environments. The AirBand™ Model 5 6003 0010 with a 0.7 HP motor cuts up to 4-3/4" OD, while the Deep Throat™ Model 5 6031 0010 cuts up to 7" OD with its 1.3 HP motor and the Wide Mouth™ Model 5 6062 0010 cuts up to 7" x 9".


The company's Electric Band Saws are ideal for heavy industry and mechanical contractors, as well as demolition and plant maintenance. Heavy-duty variable-speed motors provide a blade speed of 100-245 RPM. Model 5 6046 0010 cuts up to 4-3/4" OD, while the Deep Throat™ Model 5 6047 0010 cuts up to 7" OD and the Wide Mouth™ Model 5 6048 0010 cuts up to 7" x 9".


Finally, the Hydraulic Band Saws, ideal for heavy-duty mining, utility, marine and construction applications, operate on a pressure of 2000 PSI with volume flow of 4GPM (up to 13GPM) hydraulic oil. The standard Model 5 6043 0010 cuts up to 4-3/4" OD, while the Deep Throat™ Model 5 6041 0010 cuts up to 7" OD and the Wide Mouth™ Model 5 6054 0010 cuts up to 7" x 9".


SuperBand Saw Blades from CS Unitec, compatible with all of the company's Band Saws, are designed to maximize the cutting performance. Made of tough M42 steel, SuperBand Blades easily cut most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, from stainless steel and Inconel to Hastelloy and "super" alloys. 8% cobalt gives the blades the highest heat resistance and wear resistance of all portable band saw blades. The hardness is Rc 67-69. The variable tooth feature of some blades increases the cutting speed and improves life.


For complete technical data on these Band Saws and Saw Blades, please contact CS Unitec by phone at (800) 700-5919, by fax at (203) 853-9921 or by email at Or, visit the company's website at to view the complete CS Unitec industrial tool line.


CS Unitec's Portable Band Saws


CS Unitec Band Saw application